Anna Friedel – Sein, Verstehen, Tun

Sein, Verstehen, Tun
Düsseldorf 2013/19
Wood, glass, canvas, acrylic paint, paper, jade, vermilion and indigo pigment, ink, spray paint, watercolor, PE, bourette silk
110 x 118 cm

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The impressive work ” Sein, Verstehen, Tun (Being, Understanding, Doing)” investigates the dynamics of painting. In a kind of showcase that reminds us of the display cases in scientific collections brings together the results of their explorations, created from the perspective of the sculptor. She physically penetrates to the bottom of the canvas. Weaves, rubs and binds the fibers on which later the experimental arrangements with different pigments can be seen. Cinnabar, jade, and indigo.

Anna Friedel is traveling time and space. In her work, pop culture and art historical research spirit meet. In the various genres of art Friedel looks for connections and flaws alike. Her ingredients are diverse light, wax, plastic, sand and canvas are among her materials. The choice of her colors is pop. Neon pink is against deep black. She easily reverses the states of the materials. Folding and overlaps turn painted canvases into three-dimensional objects. Sandpaper becomes the surface of the picture. Hard becomes soft and vice versa.