Test – Cindy Sherman – Centerfolds

Publisher Skarstedt Fine Art, New York
Text by Lisa Phillips
2003 published in conjunction with the eponymous exhibition. Limited edition 1850
15 × 30 cm, 44pp with 12 color photo plates
Cloth binding
Good condition only the dust jacket is heavily damaged.


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Cindy Sherman’s Centerfolds is a series of twelve 15 x 30 images photographed in 1981 for Artforum commission that use the horizontal centerfold as a physical and conceptual frame. Although the images were never published in the magazine because of the editor’s concern that they might be perceived in a misunderstood way, they are among the most striking of Sherman’s staged images. In them, Sherman’s ambivalent young female figures fill the frame with an ambiguous, almost uncomfortable presence. Their plaid kilts, wet T-shirts, matted hair, disheveled nightgowns, and pretty plaid dresses ensure that they appear in the viewer’s mind’s eye but are unavailable, emotionally evocative but ambivalently distant.