Test – Drawing – Heinz Butz

München – 1982
Pastel on paper
25 x 21cm


Fine humorous drawing of the Munich artist Heinz Butz.

German artist Heinz Butz (*1925) is a remarkable artist whose career began in the early 1950s. After studying at the Augsburg Art Academy and the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, he was appointed professor of the latter mentioned institution in 1967. His works are represented in many private and public collections, including the Lenbachhaus in Munich.

Geometric, amorphous forms with reduced colourfulness are characteristic of Heinz Butz’s oeuvre. Both his paintings and drawings are often non-representational; nevertheless, they call to mind organic forms and abstracted shapes reminiscent of American minimalism, Cubism and Bauhaus. Despite their clear contouring, the depicted shapes almost appear to be pulsating with energy.