An afternoon for bibliophiles
Andrea Tippel
books and special

Andrea Tippel | From THE PHILOARS LIBARY | edition | 2009 | boa-basedonart
Andrea Tippel | From THE PHILOARS LIBARY | edition | 2009

Parallel to the gallery openings in Flingern we would like to invite you on Saturday, 21.01.2023 from 4pm-7pm to immerse with us into the bibliophile world of the artist Andrea Tippel.

We will show a large number of her artist books, the novel “Ich und Sie” still recorded by Andrea Tippel herself will be heard, furthermore we will present the outstanding edition “From THE PHILOARS LIBARY” of the artist.

THE PHILOARS LIBARY” could be described as the condensate of Tippel’s reflections on literature and philosophy as well as on the book as a medium of preservation and distribution. The fictitious library comprises about 2000 books that have never been written.
The titles are sometimes academic (“Post Neo Platonism nowadays – an analysis of the perception of ‘position’”), sometimes popular science (“the death of art”), sometimes satirical (“sunstroke, bee sting, copperplate engraving – about the equivoque of art”).

It is our pleasure that Prof. Marc Schulz from the Andrea Tippel Archive will answer questions about the artistic work of Andrea Tippel.