Hirose & Nagatani, Resonances of DiStances Vol.5 | WARUMTRAGENKATZENKEINESCHUHE | Kunstverein Leverkusen | Photo Johannes Poettgens

Nana Hirose & Kazuma Nagatani

Nana Hirose & Kazuma Nagatani
Resonances of DiStances Vol.5

Kunstverein Leverkusen Opening: 02.12.2021 5 – 9 pm

Film screening August 22nd at basedonart

Accompanying the exhibition “Shigeko Kubota – Hanae Utamura, Resonances of DiStances Vol.2” we will present a film screening in our rooms. Between 7 and 10pm on August 22nd  you have the opportunity to watch the program. Films by Jonas Mekas, Maki Satake, Noriyuki Kimura and others.

Resonances od DiStances

Resonances of DiStances

After the Second World War, one of the largest Japanese communities in Western Europe emerged in Düsseldorf in the course of Japan’s economic expansion. At the same time, Düsseldorf developed into one of the most important centers for contemporary art. Examples include art movements from the 1960s to the 1980s such as Zero, Fluxus, Conceptual Art and Neo-Expressionism. Since then, not only Japanese businessmen but also Japanese artists have been attracted to Düsseldorf and NRW.

37 Stories About Leaving Home 1996, 52 min by Shelly Silver

Film screening: Shelly Silver – Hanae Utamura

In the context of the Exhibition Shigeko Kubota – Hanae Utamura, Resonances of DiStances, Vol. 2 basedonart will show the films:
37 Stories About Leaving Home 1996, 52 min by Shelly Silver
Spring Water, Fault, Body / 湧き水と断層と身体, 2021, 16:30 min by Hanae Utamura

strike ––– a pose Miaki Komuro – Hanae Utamura

With the new and interdisciplinary concept, strike a pose – Festival for Art, Fashion and Style will bring together creative positions at the interfaces between art and fashion in a unique way. The festival will take place in Düsseldorf from July 23 to 25, 2021.
The works of designer Miaki Komuro and visual artist Hanae Utamura, both born in Japan, synchronize nature, art and technology, East and West by means of hybrid interfaces. Under “Strike a pose,” boa-basedonart becomes a laboratory of resonance for this interrelationship.

“Ich vergesse nie” – “Kraft der Vorstellung”

Now at the Kunstverein Leverkusen, in the park of Schloss Morsbroich – Yoshio Shirakawa’s bicycles with mounted flags bearing the inscriptions “Ich vergesse nie” (I never forget) and ” Kraft der Vorstellung” (Power of the Imagination). In cooperation with local cyclists, visitors of the Kunstverein and support of the ADFC and Chempark Leverkusen the bicycles will appear here and there in the city of Leverkusen.