Does Anybody Here Speak Japanese? - Shigeko Kubota, Ben Patterson, Takako Saito | 2022 | boa-basedonart

Does Anybody Here Speak Japanese?

Does Anybody Here Speak Japanese? is dedicated to the three artists, Shigeko Kubota, Ben Patterson, and Takako Saito, whose work is influenced by their transnational experiences.

Andrea Tippel | Memento Muri | boa-basedonart | Photo Johannes Pöttgens

Andrea Tippel – Memento Muri

Andrea Tippels oeuvre can be understood as a transcript of personal reflection characterised by great openmindedness. boa-basedonart is pleased to present a wide selection of her drawings, artist’s books and some objects from the series “Wegwerfe” which have not been yet been exhibited

Friedl Kubelka vom Gröller | Photo Johannes Pöttgens | boa-basedonart

Friedl Kubelka vom Gröller

boa-basedonart is proud to present Friedl Kubelka vom Gröllers collaborative works with Franz West, daily portraits, pin-ups as well as a selection of her movies curated by the artist.

Hiroh Kikai - Joel Stevenett | Menschen | Photo Johannes Pöttgens | boa-basedonart

Menschen | Hiroh Kikai – Joel Stevenett

boa-basedonart present the works of two artists with a corresponding fascination for the human image. Japanese-born Hiroh Kikai (1945-2020) and Canadian-born, Berlin-based Joel Stevenett (b. 1980) each have their own unique photographic style, but they address similar questions.

Julie Oppermann | dot dot dot | boa-basedonart | Photo Johannes Pöttgens

Julie Oppermann – dot dot dot

The way of seeing Julie Oppermann’s works is enigmatic, inviting the viewer to reflect on his or her perceptual relation to the world. An encounter with the artist’s paintings and videos is primarily an intense physical experience. In playing with the dynamics of visual perception, the studied neuroscientist captures our immediate sensorial attention, penetrating deeply into the heart of emotion and consciousness.

Takako Saito | You and Me shop | 1994/21 | boa-basedonart | Photo Johannes Pöttgens

Takako Saito

Basedonart is proud to present Takako Saito‘s „You and Me Shop,“ a compilation of artists‘ books and a selection of never-before-seen works from the 1950s and 1960s. The latter originated mainly in Japan, belonging to a large body of abstract paintings, watercolors, collages, and etchings that showcase the artist’s delicate handwriting. Moreover, they reflect the influence of artists like Ei-Q (Hideo Sugita) and highlight Saito’s largely unnoticed, yet significant contribution to painterly trends in post-war Japan.


Shigeko Kubota – Hanae Utamura

We dedicate the 2nd exhibition of „Resonances of DiStances“ to the work of Shigeko Kubota (1937-2015) and Hanae Utamura (1980-).
Both artists are or were inspired by the relationships between nature, technology and the human being – the transfusion of the organic with the artificial. In a poetic yet unsparing manner, the works exhibited at basedonart explore the ephemeral.


Yoshio Shirakawa

Resonances of DiStances kicks off with the exhibition and urban space project by Yoshio Shirakawa. Shirakawa was born in 1948 in Kitakyushu. He came to Europe in 1970 and studied philosophy and art in Strasbourg, Paris and Karlsruhe. In 1976 Shirakawa moved to Düsseldorf, where he studied at the Art Academy with Günter Uecker.

Exhibition view | In The Darkness | Photo: Johannes Pöttgens

In The Darkness, Heroines and Heroes

In the late Edo (1853 – 1867) and early Meiji period (1868 – 1912) the art of Japanese woodblock printmaking, similar to later press photography, served as a documentation of current political events.