selbst | boa-basedonart | 2024


Friedl Kubelka vom Gröller, Jürgen Klauke, Christa Mayer, Helmut Schweizer, Nil Yalter, Lin Zhipeng (林志鹏) aka No.223
The exhibition titled selbst focuses on self-portraits as a medium for self-empowerment and liberation from social norms and limitations. In their works, the participating artists reflect on themes such as identity, sexuality, and society.

Exhibition view | Jutta Haeckel | chadō | 2024 | boa-basedonart

Jutta Haeckel – chadō

Jutta Haeckel’s complex, visually challenging paintings also seem to grow, to be alive, they prosper in the eye of the observer as well as during the process of their creation. Like all living things, they are subject to constant change and so the reception of her works becomes a transformative process that offers the viewer a unique cognitive experience.

99 drawings # 1 | boa-basedonart | 2024 | boa-basedonart

99 drawings # 1

With its exhibition series “99 drawings”, boa-basedonart aims to focus on this essential form of expression and shows a broad spectrum of works by various artists.

William Klein & Shelly Silver | 2023 | boa-basedonart

William Klein & Shelly Silver

The artists William Klein (1928-2022) and Shelly Silver (1957) are not only united by their birthplace New York, but also by their great interest in the multi-layered relationship between humans and their urban environment. Both William Klein’s photographs and films and Shelly Silver’s films and video installations tell of the diverse interactions within urban environments and their effects on individuals and communities.

Julie-Oppermann | field | 2023 | boa-basedonart

Julie Oppermann – field

Julie Oppermann’s artistic work operates at the interface between science and visual art. With a focus on perception as such, the trained neuroscientist captures the sensory depths of human experience and sensation. Julie Oppermann’s formally abstract paintings move to the level of visual illusions, but clearly transcend the boundaries of the Op-Art genre

Au 79 - Scheiße & Gold | boa-basedonart

Au 79 – Scheiße & Gold

“Au 79 – shit and gold” spans an arc between the pliable material gold, its fascinating shine, sacral semantics and a critical examination of the connection between shit and gold (money) against the background of the various meanings anchored in cultural history.

Does Anybody Here Speak Japanese? - Shigeko Kubota, Ben Patterson, Takako Saito | 2022 | boa-basedonart

Does Anybody Here Speak Japanese?

Does Anybody Here Speak Japanese? is dedicated to the three artists, Shigeko Kubota, Ben Patterson, and Takako Saito, whose work is influenced by their transnational experiences.

Andrea Tippel | Memento Muri | boa-basedonart | Photo Johannes Pöttgens

Andrea Tippel – Memento Muri

Andrea Tippels oeuvre can be understood as a transcript of personal reflection characterised by great openmindedness. boa-basedonart is pleased to present a wide selection of her drawings, artist’s books and some objects from the series “Wegwerfe” which have not been yet been exhibited

Friedl Kubelka vom Gröller | Photo Johannes Pöttgens | boa-basedonart

Friedl Kubelka vom Gröller

boa-basedonart is proud to present Friedl Kubelka vom Gröllers collaborative works with Franz West, daily portraits, pin-ups as well as a selection of her movies curated by the artist.

Hiroh Kikai - Joel Stevenett | Menschen | Photo Johannes Pöttgens | boa-basedonart

Menschen | Hiroh Kikai – Joel Stevenett

boa-basedonart present the works of two artists with a corresponding fascination for the human image. Japanese-born Hiroh Kikai (1945-2020) and Canadian-born, Berlin-based Joel Stevenett (b. 1980) each have their own unique photographic style, but they address similar questions.