"Road to documenta fifteen" Takashi Kuribayashi & Rai Shizuno / Cinema Caravan

Takashi Kuribayashi - Rai Shizuno / Cinema Caravan | Journey in progress "Road to documenta fifteen | 2021 | Photo Rai Shizuno.
Takashi Kuribayashi - Rai Shizuno / Cinema Caravan | Journey in progress "Road to documenta fifteen | 2021 | Photo Rai Shizuno.

“Road to documenta fifteen”
Resonances of DiStances Vol.3
Takashi Kuribayashi & Rai Shizuno / Cinema Caravan

03.09.2021 – 16.10.2021

Part of DC-Open

Friday 3 Sept
11 am10 pm

Saturday 4 Sept
11 am8 pm

Sunday 5 Sept
11 am6 pm

“Road to documenta fifteen” is a prelude to the presentation of Takashi Kuribayashi and Rai Shizuno (Cinema Caravan) in Kassel in 2022. The project in Düsseldorf sets the ground for the exploration led by Takashi Kuribayashi and Rai Shizuno on the German grounds. “Road to documenta fifteen” also fosters the development of the “Yatai Trip Project”, founded in 2011, marked as the beginning of a continuing cooperation between the two artists.

Within the context of the “Yatai Project” (“Yatai” – translated: mobile sales stall) initiated by Takashi Kuribayashi, artists explore mountain regions, border areas, villages and towns and invite the local population to festivals with food, music and dance, creating places of dialogue for themselves and their guests.

After the Fukushima nuclear disaster in March 2011, their interest in energy issues and challenges from a geopolitical and environmental perspective awakened.

In 2020/2021, the exploration of questions about energy led to the creation of “Genki-Ro.” The gigantic wooden sculpture is shaped like a nuclear reactor and houses a herbal steam sauna. Visitors are invited to spend a relaxing time naked in the sauna. This sharing of bodily and spiritual experiences in a physical space opens the personal door to others. All kinds of energy, spreads and circulates among people and around the planet. Through this unconventional art practice, Kuribayashi and Shizuno seek to activate the potentials and energies of visitors.

Launched by Rai Shizuno in 2010, Cinema Caravan is much more than just a traveling cinema. The members of Cinema Caravan follow the vision of a different life, in community and respect for people and nature. The ever- renewing collective, which focuses on inclusion rather than exclusion, connects people through their diverse activities and actions around the globe. These connections create new experiential spaces of communication and exchange. Embedded in various cultural acts such as theater, music, film, and shared meals, the inhabitants of the places where Cinema Caravan arrives are invited to engage in a discourse that both embraces the joy of living and encourages reflection on creating a new future for all of us.

The exhibition at boa basedonart marks the beginning of the “Road to documenta fifteen”.