Friedl Kubelka vom Gröller

March 17th, 2003 | From the seventh year portrait | Photo Friedl Kubelka vom Gröller | boa-basedonart
March 17th, 2003 | From the seventh year portrait | Photo Friedl Kubelka vom Gröller

Friedl Kubelka vom Gröller is a highly influential visual artist known for her groundbreaking work in conceptual photography and independent experimental film. Drawing on her psychoanalytical background, she explores the complexity of human identity with great depth and nuance. Her work includes well-known long-term projects such as the “Annual Portraits” (since 1972), in which she has been photographing herself daily for years, as well as portraits of family and friends. With her sensitive observations of the self and the other, Kubelka vom Gröller blurs the boundary between subject and object and invites the viewer into a realm in which distinctions dissolve and realities are revealed.

Friedl Kubelka vom Gröller (born in London, UK, in 1946) is a visual artist based in Vienna and Paris. She earned her master’s degree in photography from the Grafische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt in Vienna in 1971. Establishing her own photo studio and working commercially until 1977, she then founded the first “Class for Artistic Photography” and later the esteemed “School for Artistic Photography”, directing it until 2010. Additionally, Kubelka vom Gröller established a school for analog filmmaking in 2006, directing it until 2013. Recognized for her contributions to photography and film, she received the Austrian State Prize for Photography in 2005 and the Austrian Art Prize for Film in 2017. Her work has been featured in numerous solo and notable group exhibitions such as “WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution” (2007) at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.

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