Julie Oppermann

Julie Oppermann in her studio | 2022 | Photo Joe Clark | boa-basedonart
Julie Oppermann in her studio | 2022 | Photo Joe Clark

Julie Oppermann’s artistic work operates at the interface between science and visual art. At first, encountering her works is an intense physical experience, which as a result opens up the possibility to reflect on one’s own reception. With a focus on perception as such, the trained neuroscientist captures the sensory depths of human experience and sensation.

Already during her bachelor’s degree in art, Julie Oppermann was fascinated by neuroscience, as it linked the young art student’s interest in psychology with the biology of the brain.

Today, the artist explores visual phenomena in her works. Using moiré patterns, she manages to make the tension tangible between perception and cognition as part of the visual experience. Superimposing wavy lines, rows of circles, and other repeating geometric figures, she creates an intense sense of depth and movement in an image that is essentially completely flat.

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