Jutta Haeckel

Jutta Haeckel in her studio | Photo Miles Petersen | boa-basedonart
Jutta Haeckel in her studio | Photo Miles Petersen

Jutta Haeckel takes a comprehensive approach to the medium of painting and explores it from all angles and dimensions. Beginning with the preparation of the canvas, through to the completion of the work, she subjects her paintings to a complex and multi-layered creative process from which visually challenging compositions emerge. Her paintings are reminiscent of natural life forms and the built environment, geographical maps, microorganisms and architecture. The concept of “biophilia”, which describes human’s innate connection with nature, is the key to Haeckel’s work. By combining knowledge of real spaces with places of the imagination, the artist encourages the viewer to adopt an emotional and affective attitude towards what is depicted.  

Jutta Haeckel (born in Hannover, Germany, in 1972) is an artist based in Dusseldorf. She studied painting at Goldsmith College, London, and later at the Hochschule der Künste in Bremen. Her work has been awarded numerous prizes and exhibited in Germany and the United States.


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