“Ich vergesse nie” - “Kraft der Vorstellung”

Come by and become a part of Shirakawa’s art.
From 23.4.2021 it is possible to borrow a bicycle with flag.
Please contact us for date via mail@boa-basedonart.com

Bicycles with mounted flags bearing the inscriptions “Ich vergesse nie“ (I never forget) and ” Kraft der Vorstellung” (Power of the Imagination) appear here and there in the city in cooperation with local cyclists and visitors of the exhibition. With this public activity, the voices that have disappeared from the collective memory in the gears of time will be revived and reflected.

It was in 2005 in Nagano when the flags were displayed for the first time in memory of the forced laborers, who worked for the construction of gigantic underground bunker complexes in the last period of the Pacific War. Since then, Shirakawa has developed projects using flags whenever the collective memories face threats of oblivion. For instance, he stood up the flag in response to the Great East Japan earthquake and nuclear disaster in 2011 in the region around Fukushima.

In light of the global Covid-19 pandemic, the artist has reprinted this work for the project, Resonances of DiStances.