Andrea Tippel – Auf Blesshuhnfüssen

Artist book
Edition of 300 Number 274
1987 Roths’ Verlag, Basel/Reykjavik
Signed: a.t.
29 x 21 cm 108 p. with 59 drawings, some double-page, paperback, line offset
Very good condition


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Exquisitely designed artist’s book, with drawings by the artist in outstanding print quality.

The artist Andrea Tippel was born in Hirsau in Black Forest in 1945 and died in Berlin in 2012. Her oeuvre can be understood as a transcript of personal reflection characterised by great openmindedness. The brilliant interplay of humor and poetry in Andrea Tippel’s work is not only evident in her drawings, but also shines through in her idiosyncratic and exquisitely designed artist books. Learn more about the artist…