Dehua porcelain Guanyin – China

Qing Dynasty
H: 23,5 cm
Good overall condition. Little Repairs to the rui zepter and robe, minor crazing/surface cracks to the glaze.


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Graceful dehua guanyin seated in “royal serenity” with a two-character dehua mark in a double gourd and a four-character “He Chaozong” mark on the reverse.

Dehua porcelain is famous for its exquisite hue of white. The special quality of whiteness achieved by the Dehua potters is partly due to the local porcelain stone, which was unusually pure and used without the addition of kaolin. This, combined with a low iron content and other chemical factors, enabled the potters to produce this famous ivory-white porcelain.

Guan-yin is one of the most important bodhisattva figures in East Asia. In China, Guan-yin has established herself as a female deity. In Japan, Guan-yin, there called Kannon, alternates between the sexes, but is mostly depicted as androgynous. She stands for child blessing and is generally the goddess of compassion and mercy, her name means “one who observes the voices of the world”.

Presented at boa-basedonart on the occasion of the exhibition “thing power”.