Famille Verte porcelain bowl – China

Qing Dynasty
Blue six character Jiajing mark
H: 8,8 cm Ø 20,3 cm
Good overall condition. Minimal invisible restoration on the upper edge.


In stock

Amazing Famille Verte  bowl.

The interior and exterior of the bowl is painted with a total of eight horses playing on a ground of green swirling waves amidst daisies. In the center is a dragon-like horse that resembles a seahorse.

The eight horses allude to the legend of Muwang or King Mu of the Zhou Dynasty. In this folk tale, the king dreams of being immortal. According to the story, the king was determined to visit the heavenly paradise and taste the peaches of immortality. A brave charioteer named Zaofu used his wagon to take the king to his destination. During this journey, the emperor’s chariot was pulled by eight horses named after the color of their hair. In other narratives, the horses’ names reflect their unusual talents, such as “horse that gallops without touching the ground”.

On the bottom with Ming mark, though it is from Qing Dynasty.

Presented at boa-basedonart on the occasion of the exhibition “thing power”.