Qingbai belimbing (star fruit) jarlet – China

Qingbai belimbing (star fruit) jarlet
Jingdezhen, Jiangxi or Fujian province, China
Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368)
H: 8,5 cm
Good overall condition.


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Magnificent harmoniously designed star fruit jug made of qingbai porcelain.

A jarlet of octagonal (belimbing) shape, decorated with splashed iron brown spots and a Qingbai (Yingqing) glaze over a porcelain body. The flat base unglazed.

Qingbai poreclain became increasingly important in the 13th century with the increase in China’s maritime trade. Qingbai is one of the wares that was exported into Southeast Asia from the Southern Song period (1127-1279 CE) through to the Yuan (1279-1368 CE) and early Ming (1368-1644 CE).

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Presented at boa-basedonart on the occasion of the exhibition “thing power”.