Andrea Tippel

Portrait Andrea Tippel | Photo A.Raschke
Andrea Tippel | Berlin | 1995 | Photo Alfred Raschke

Andrea Tippel’s art reflects her ongoing exploration of the intersections between visual art, language and the human experience. She is best known for her multidisciplinary approach, combining elements such as iconography, symbols and diagrams with handwritten texts that include references to literary sources, particularly poetry. Her work, often organized in thematic cycles, is characterized by its humorous and contemplative nature, evoking both personal narratives and universal themes and phenomena. Tippel’s use of thought-provoking imagery and multi-layered text encourages the viewer to reflect and introspect.

Andrea Tippel (born in Hirsau, Germany, in 1945–died in Berlin, Germany, in 2012) is a visual artist known for her deeply personal and conceptual explorations of human existence. She studied acting at the famous Max Reinhardts Seminar in Vienna and Berlin in the 1960s before pursuing philosophy and psychology at the universities of Munich, Hamburg, and Berlin. Her tenure as a professor at the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg earned her a reputation for her wit and intellect and had a lasting effect on many emerging artists. Tippel’s work has been exhibited internationally, including collaborations with artists Tomas Schmit and Dieter Roth. Her body of work includes drawings, sculptures, objects, texts and artist books such as “Auf Blesshuhnfüßen” (1987), published by Dieter Roth. 


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